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    Astrology ~ The Turning of the Wheel


    Let's honor and celebrate the ~Turning of the Wheel~

    Today's Spring Equinox will bring a sense of Balance into our lives~ Day will be equal to Night and the Full Moon will be here in Libra the sign of balance and relationships.
    This is the Astrological New Year! We celebrate new life and birth of a New Cycle, a New Astrological Year begins again in Aires. And with that the completion of last year’s cycle we release the Pisces energy and move into action with Fiery Aires! 


    Spring Equinox is March 20th and we are
    blessed with a Beautiful Full Moon illuminating the fruits of our labors.
    Have you come into a completion with something and are ready to move forward with something new?
    As the sun moves into Aires we will feel fresh new energy entering in!

    There are many ways you can honor the cycles without as well as within. Holding gratitude for the energy of Spring, feeling the energy of the growth sprouting up within you and noticing the flowers and buds on the trees starting to emerge are wonderful mindfulness moments to cherish this time of year. I like to bring fresh flowers or branches of this new life into my home, create an altar with crystals and images of spring such as eggs (new life) bunnies (abundance) and the Goddess Ostara and Goddess Persephone that representing the awakening earth, tending to our new growth and beauty coming into it’s own fullness. I encourage you to embody this energy in this season, ride the wave of energy budding within and allow it to nourish your creativity.

    One of the ways we can honor the new energy coming in is to clear out the old…
    a nice Spring Cleaning can show the Universe you are ready to receive! Clutter clearing is one of my favorite Soul Coaching techniques! Every time I let go I am able to receive anew.

    Plant some seeds this week and watch them grow…
    Many Blessings on all you will create this year!


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