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    Outrageous Openness Book by Tosha Silver

    Outrageous Openness.jpg
    Outrageous Openness.jpg

    Outrageous Openness Book by Tosha Silver


    This book changed the way I interacted with Spirit. In 2017 I had a major shift in my life and I continue to say how grateful I am to have been reading this book! My mindset was becoming Outrageously Open and so when I had to pivot in my job I was open to the changes to come….and they became life altering changes in EVERY aspect of my life. I can’t talk about this book enough these days, everyone I know has read it on my recommendation and they love it!

    Tosha Silver is a great story teller and weaves the Wisdom of the Divine as if it is a secret she wants everyone to know. When you surrender, through TRUE offering, you are open to the faith that Source is Divine. You will be cared for when you stop grasping for control….allowing the Divine to take the lead is humble, graceous, and the way to Divine Flow. Lessons to live by for sure!

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