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    I was called to my Inner Knowing  through working with the Divine Feminine and have been loving the balance and value I’ve felt since. Many years ago I felt an awakening deep within me that changed the course of my life. I found that being in community with women and feeling the wisdom of the Feminine nourished my Soul and illuminated new possibilities ever guiding me with clarity to true soul alignment. I love being support for others and cultivating a Mindful Spirit through meditation, creative inspiration, and loving kindness.

    As a women in the modern world I know the challenges of feeling meaning and purpose in daily life. I feel it is my soul's purpose to guide others in finding their balance and to cultivate harmony and balance between Masculine and Feminine by sharing what I have learned.

    I will take you on a Coaching Journey to listen to the truth of your Soul, so you can feel heard, understood and uplifted. We will call on the Spirit within and connect to your radiant light that wants to shine!

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    Alicia Love on DaoCloud

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