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    Things I Love 


    Books that Changed my Life 


    I wanted to be a Soul Coaching practitioner 15 years ago when I first read Denise's book. This life changing process of learning to listen to the inner messages from my soul was the catalyst for me coming home to myself.

    Using this book over 4 weeks you will take a Spiritual Journey. You are guided daily with affirmations, exercises and the elements of nature to help bring you home to your spiritual roots. I have experienced profound shifts in my life and I have guided others to empowering life change as well. No matter how much time you have to devote to this process you will see amazing results!

    If you want to be supported in your process of growth and transformation while using this book message me for more information on my guided 28 Day Soul Coaching program.
             ~Your Soul loves the Truth!~


    What an inspiring book!

    HeatherAsh Amara is a Warrior Goddess trained in the Toltec tradition. She brings ancient wisdom to women today and breaks down the steps to empowering your inner Warrior Goddess. 

    This book has step by step wisdom teachings that spiral you into the center of your being through exercises that guide you to safely within to uncover your personal power, passion and joy.

    Joy and Abundance come effortlessly when we pursue what lights us up. Passion is an unlimited source of energy, we are able to express or whole being when filled with passion. Without passion life feels stale. Do you feel connected to your passions? Contact me for a free intro session to discover how Soul Coaching can support your truth discovery process!


    This book is my bible, my guide to how I choose to live. Don Miguel Ruiz is a wisdom keeper of the Toltec philosophy of living life with these 4 simple and life changing POWERFUL agreements.

    In our conscious choices we have the opportunity to mindfully choose to take action in alignment with heart and soul. These agreements have been my road map to do just that.

    1. Be impeccable with your word.

    2. Don’t take anything personally.

    3. Don’t make assumptions.

    4. Always do your best.

    If you are ready to change your beliefs to empower your true self and be in the world your best self… contact me for a coaching experience that empowers you to achieve your most joyous life!


    This book….


    Oracle Cards


    These cards…

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    My favorite…


    Enhance Your Life


    Gifts of the Earth

    Essential oils support healing on multiple levels of your being. They are the powerful essences of healing plants. Concentrated 40-60 times more potent that the herbs they come from.
    Using high quality oils is a must, there are so many brands that are adulterated or use chemical solvents, but there are plenty that do not. I love dōTERRA oils because they are certified to be pure AND they are supporting underprivileged farmers around the world is a beautifully inspiring way!

    I use dōTERRA oils everyday! Physically, they help with pain, speed healing time, assist the body in fighting unfriendly microorganisms, purify organs, glands and body systems, balance body functions, and raise the body’s energetic vibration. Essential oils also enter the emotional realm, help us release limiting beliefs, and support our spiritual awareness and connection to infinite love and complete wholeness.

    I offer free wellness consultations, ongoing support and free gifts to help you use the oils daily when you open your account with the link below.
    Join my family of oil fans today!


    Cleanse and revitalize with
    herbal steam.

    Have you ever experienced a yoni steam? It is a wonderful herbal rhythm I have added to my moon cycle of honoring my Divine Feminine~ Body and Soul.

    This herbal formula does wonders for menstrual cramping, flow, and health of your womanly cycle.

    Improve your cycle, heal your womb, Indulge in the blissful self-care that you deserve.

    cell phone radiation blocker

    Protect Yourself from ELECTROMAGNETIC FREQUENCies

    I have a Zorb Cell Shield on all of my family’s devices. This is essential to healthy cellular function in this age of technology. I use these, I sell these, I LOVE this shungite based technology.

    “Zorb’s™ patented technology helps protect against potentially harmful effects of electromagnetic waves from wireless devices.” Check out the science, inform yourself, be prepared and feel your cellular energy stay strong all day when you are protected from EMFs.

     Use discount code ALICIA25 for 25% off your order!