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    Practical Spirituality for Parents

    Is being a parent wearing you out?

    Do you feel like you aren’t the parent you could be?

    Is your work and love life competing with family life?

    Longing for a deeper spiritual practice in your family?


    We’re here to help YOU be the best parent you can be!

    Balancing business, love life and raising children, Alicia Love and Jeremy Koester, M.Ed., are excited to support you on your journey creating the amazing family that you really want. Strengthening your parenting bond is an art and we have so many aligned practices and simple tools for a thriving family.


    Jeremy Koester, M.Ed., taught middle/high school for over 12 years and launched several extra-curricular programs. His Master degree in Education (UTSA ‘08) focused on games for learning. He’s the proud father of 3 amazing kids (17, 15, 10). After navigating several major life shifts, Jeremy is uniquely positioned to support other parents to create the family they really want. Being able to co-create with Alicia has been such a delight as the space she holds teems with kindness, support and progress. Her knowledge around spirituality and embodied health is supremely bountiful.


    As a Certified Soul Coach®, Alicia Love is a guide to light the way, illuminating the path back to wholeness with techniques to align your inner spiritual life with your outer life. Parenting is so transformative, we see ourselves reflected back and learn from our kids. Alicia has been a single mom for 10 years and in that time has practiced how to balance stress, career, friends, relationships and being a real life Super Mom. Alicia coaches 1:1 world wide, provides online programs, facilitates workshops and offers guided meditations online. Working with Jeremy has been such a gift and has taken her parenting to another level.

    We offer Weekly Broadcasts in our free FB Group ~ Aligned Parenting, Group Coaching Programs and One on One Coaching Packages to guide and support you to channel your best self, enjoy your role as parent and feel confidant to know you are doing a GREAT job raising the next generation….


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